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This is a reservation page for online lessons​

Online lessons have been launched as a new way of music classes now and in the future.

It doesn't matter if you can start continuously, or if you are self-study but want one-point advice.

Using special equipment for microphones and cameras, you can conduct more fulfilling lessons.


​☆Use Zoom.

☆​If you are new to online lessons, please apply for a trial lesson (one time only).

☆ In principle, applications are accepted up to 5 days in advance, but if there is space available, we can accept applications up to the day before your desired date, so please contact us.


☆ We use Stripe for payment, and only credit cards or Alipay. Thank you for your understanding.


☆In addition, changes and cancellations can be made up to the day before the lesson. Please note that we cannot accept changes or cancellations on the day.

☆​Ask any questionsContact pagePlease contact us from We will reply from here.


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