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In our class, you can learn both singing and piano. We especially encourage children to enjoy playing the piano and singing together. We also always have solfege lessons. If you would like a one-lesson system, you can take a lesson at either location.

We do not oblige our students to practice. However, we give solfege lessons, so they can enjoy practising because they become good at reading music, listening to sounds, rhythm and singing!

In the future, you can continue to enjoy music even if you are involved in club activities, clubs or other music activities other than piano.


Solfege is a tool for practicing on your own and develops pitch and listening skills, which are the basics of music.


About songs (vocal music)

★We offer a wide range of support, from basic vocal methods (pronunciation methods, voice training methods) to full-fledged opera singing.

We will teach you in detail how to pronounce your voice without getting tired even for long periods of time, and how to use your head and whole body.




★Language (Italian, German, French, English, Japanese) pronunciation

★For children, we will not only strengthen their solfege pitch and visual singing ability, but also teach them how to pronounce vocalizations and sing, with the aim of stabilizing their pitch.

Regarding songs, I sing my favorite songs (nursery rhymes, children's song collections, musical numbers, etc.)


In addition to the above, we also handle various auditions (choral, opera, musical, etc.) and competition preparation.

As an instructor myself, I have won many auditions (passed many operas, including Shiki Theater Company, etc.) and have won awards at competitions, so we believe we can teach our students how to respond to their students' needs, such as how to choose songs and how to behave.
Of course, we can teach children who have a bright future, or those who want to start teaching, from the vocalizations onwards.



At the end of the lesson, I always like to sing a nursery rhyme .

We support your spiritual growth!


The combination of lessons is up to you, such as piano lessons once a week and singing lessons the other two, but solfege is always taught.


About the piano


★Lessons begin with an emphasis on solfeggio (be able to read sheet music, basic knowledge of music, etc.).

By learning solfege, we aim to give children the ability to practice on their own, which is especially necessary for young children.

We use a basic technique book and a music book.


We will be starting violin lessons with our new teacher, Shiho Usui.

​Only one lesson course is available. Children are also welcome, even as beginners. Please contact us for details .

Shiho Usui (violin)


She started playing the violin at the age of four.

She won first place in the junior high school division of the Kanagawa Student Music Competition and second place overall. At the age of 12, she performed with the Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra. After graduating from the music department of Toho Girls' High School, she graduated from the music faculty and research department of the same university. In 2003, she studied at the graduate school of the Royal Academy of Music in London, where she studied under Maurice Hasson.

In Canterbury, he performed contemporary music conducted by British composer James MacMillan. In 2004, she performed the London Trio with British musicians and held concerts for 15 years.

She also plays as a member of the chamber orchestra Tokyo Virtuoso, which was formed around Yoshio Unno. In 2014, she conducted outreach activities with American storyteller Judith Heineman, titled "Wonderful Story Time with Judith." In 2022, she performed with ballet dancers in the "Sound and Dance Summer Concert," which was well received and is now performed every year.

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