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Please contact us using the form below. We will contact you by phone from here. If you have a request for time, such as busy during the day, please fill in the desired time etc. in the message column.

classroom locationI will also tell you in detail at the time of the trial lesson.

★ Trial lesson

Only the first time is available for 3,000 yen/30 minutes. Please apply using the form below.


In the trial lesson, we will also talk.

If you are experienced, we will check your progress by having you play or sing a song. We will ask you about your future goals, the songs you want to do, your hopes, etc.

After taking a lesson, we will make suggestions for future lessons.

After taking a trial lesson, we ask that you reply to us within a week.

★About trial lessons and student recruitment

We are now accepting students for lessons starting in March 2012 !!
We are currently accepting applications for trial lessons

Lesson availability

Monday           ◎

Tuesday           △

Wednesday     ◯

Thursday         △

Friday               △

Saturday         at 13:30pm only

In addition, for single lessons, time and day can be negotiated.

The course is taught in Japanese and English. Sorry, we do not provide Chinese courses. Respectfully your understanding.

thank you very much. It may take several days to reply. Please wait.

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