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AdmissionFee 15,000 yen

(However, free of charge if you have a referral)


For monthly fees (from 5 years old to junior high school students)

3 times a month

30minutes  12,000yen

45 minutes 15,000 yen   

Twice a month

45 minutes 10,000 yen

30 minutes   8,000yen

The combination of lessons is up to you, such as piano lessons once a week and singing lessons the other two, but solfege is always taught.

Zumzumu®️ Class for Infants (ages 0 to approx. 3)

​Two times a month for 30 minutes: 6,000 yen

Siblings can also take the course together.

In that case, please pay an additional 2,000 yen for each additional person.

Zumzum® Pair Lessons

Two pairs of parents and children who are good friends can participate.

Twice a month, 30 minutes for 5,000 yen (1 parent and child)


bird song

For those who wish to take one lesson

For high school students and above, lessons are not based on a monthly fee but on a one-lesson system. For teachers (Wada and Usui), children under junior high school age will also be charged for one lesson. (Please refer to the *Important* section below).

60 minutes 8,000 yen/session

45 minutes 6,000 yen/session

30minutes 5,000yen/session

Bremen Town Musicians

At the end of the lesson, I always like to sing a nursery rhyme .

We support your spiritual growth!

bird song

★For those who wish to pay monthly :


(Monday to Friday) 10:00-19:00

(Saturday) 10:00-18:00

(Sundays and public holidays) 1 lesson only


Wada is in charge on Mondays and Saturday afternoons. (Piano lessons only, beginners welcome)

Harada will be in charge at times other than those mentioned above.


★ If you would like to take one lesson (once a month, etc.) , please contact us regardless of the date and time listed above.

★The above prices include facility usage fees.

★For monthly tuition, we will arrange the schedule with the instructor by the previous month, and if possible, we will change the date to an available date if you notify us by the day before. However, please note that we cannot refund cancellations on the day of the lesson.



Lesson teachers Wada and Usui only charge for one-lesson lessons for students not included master course, but they also offer lessons for children beginners at the same one-lesson rate.


Please note that neither of these teachers offers solfege lessons. Please note that neither of these teachers offers solfege lessons.

Please note that for the above two teachers, any substitutions or changes must be made at least one week in advance. Also, please note that no refunds will be made for cancellations made on the day of the lesson,

★We also hold a recital once a year. Please contact us for details.

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